Saturday, May 24, 2008

So Long !!!

Dear Friends,

Its almost one year since I last wrote. A lot has happened in the last 11 months and I will be sharing some of the experiences (in the context of Indian GIS market) with you in next few blogs.

But first, reason for not writing for so long and the reason to come back to writing! I was busy, terribly busy. Few days back, I read the blong written by Amitabh Bachhan. I am amazed to see that he is writing almost every day. His blog has put me to shame - I am definitely not as busy as AB and hence the execuse that I am busy and hence no blogging is no good! If you are keen to read what AB writes, check out - I am sure that some of you (especially Indian AB fans) will like his writings. I especially liked one of his post - The message there is:

“Man ka ho to acchha. Man ka na ho to zyada acchha !”
If things happen according to what you wish. It is good.
If things do not happen according to what you wish. Then it is even better.

A lot of things have not happened as per the wish in last several months. But I guess there must be a reason for the same. My deep apologies all those who sent me emails to write the blog but I did not respond. I hope that I will be able to make corrections and be able to share my througts with you.

I am happy about one thing that a lot of positive development has happened in last 11 months in the Indian GIS market. And a lot more is about to happen. Without doubt, we are going to witness a significant growth in the coming time.

I will be back with you, soon, with some thoughts,

Regards, Manoj


bachi said...

hi big boss.

eagerly waiting for your techie blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manoj,


nice to see that you are started writing once again..

your articles are intresting to read.

Shaik Esu.

Tushar said...

Hello Manoj,

I had asked you about your present employer, Genesys International. I listened to your presentation about navigation systems and 1000+ employees at Genesys.

Is your company planning to sell GPS systems in India?

Your company appears to have permission to fly in 23 countries and collect mapping data. It appears that you guys are Navteq of India and many countries. I have heard a lot of NZAM which actually offer flying services (it is a New Zealand based company). Are you guys direct competitors or complementors? I have heard very little about your present company. RMSI is big but not sure about Genesys. Is it the same as Secon India or Avineon of US? Because Yancey worked for Avineon and Dana worked for Secon.

Just trying to know about Genesys if you can help.

sandeep said...

Dear Manoj

Have a nice and bright future ahead for your all progressive developments.


Seuli said...


Good to see you back. I do keep track of your blog since I find it very honest.

Cheers and Keep Blogging!!!

Sadyojata said...

Hi Manoj,

I just stumbled on your blog spot, wht realy catched my eye is the phrase " man ka ho to jyada acha, man ka na ho to jyada acha".

I admire the positive attitute, but some how it gives the impression that one is lowering his defences. I know this sounds little bit insecure but that how people are around.

I personally find lots of things which are against my wishes and this at times crosses the line and bogs me and the lingering effect diverts the focus.

I would like to know from how you balance your self when things are not as what you had percieved them to be.

Sarvesh Mishra

Geographers said...

Hi Manoj

I am from GIS sales and your blog provide me good information of GIS market .Please update us regularly .


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