Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One more Google Map based Indian web-site? NO…

…we call it technology and innovation applied to purpose!

So finally we made www.idhoom.com live – yesterday night!! It is alpha launch and site is now open for public use, comments and feedback. In less than 24 hours we have seen visits from 32 different cities, across the globe!! This is s a great moral boosting point for all of us at AUGTICS.

I request you, especially the fellow GIS industry professionals (who read this blog regularly), to explore the mapping functions and drop a line in the suggestion box!

This site one of it’s kind in India and is intend to be single point source of information about all the residential societies (apartment complexes) – existing ones as well as new (upcoming) ones.

For the people who live in these societies, we have provided several cool features that will benefit the users. Key advantages:

1. Web presence & unique identity for your society
2. Secure intra-society communication platform
3. Tools to manage your society affairs
4. Mapping features to know your neighbourhood better

Those of you who are searching for the apartment complexes will find the “easy to use”, “google type” search functions handy.

We hope that this site will benefit millions of people. We have planned to bring in several more features for the next launch and hope that time we will have significant content and traffic on the site!

What’s the connection of IDHOOM.COM with real estate? It’s not a property listing site!!! But those who intend to live in a specific apartment complex can use IDHOOM to know details beyond the individual flat they may be interested in selling/renting. That’s all at this stage!!!

What’s our business model to monetize from this site? I will answer this in some future post. But wanted to let you know that this site is first in line of few more “different” ones that will be launching in future – all catering to existing, unmet needs!!

Stay tuned! And if you live in an apartment, get your society registered here to give in a unique presence over WWW and let your fellow residents explore the power of IDHOOM and get benefited!!

Manoj Misra


Anonymous said...

Its a great effort, but only thing I find irritating are the scrolling messages. Are they typical of all indian websites..?

Well Wisher said...

Congratulations, it’s a great move. I am impressed with the pace AUGTICS has marked its presence in the market. Wish you luck and success.

Your Well Wisher

Manoj Misra said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thanks for your message.

Have taken a note of "scrolling" message and will see how best we can tackle this in next release!

Well, looks like many Indian sites use scrolling...


Manoj Misra said...

Dear Well Wisher:

Would be great to know your name!

Anyways, thanks a ton..we still have a long way to go but yes, start is good!



Your Well Wisher said...

I agree with Manoj, It's just "Alpha" there is still a long way to go..
And I believe that iDhoom will reach new heights in coming years.

Manoj Misra said...

Dear "Your well wisher":

Thanks.. I would love to know your name as well.

Thanks for writing in.


Carl said...

First, my best wishes to you and your team for the launch of idhoom.com... though it is still early time to fully appreciate the work thats going on at idhoom, I feel it will be able to get over the mammoth challenges ahead... I would really like to see the terms and the privacy policy to be a little more explicit to end users like me...

It has been a long time since I have had time to look at the happening in GIS industry after taking up my new job, but i got a fair idea after going through the blog :) Good Work!

Again Best wishes for idhoom!


Faridur R Choudhury said...

Hi Manoj

Congratulations on iDhoom. It's really a great effort. You might also like to check out HomeLocator (http://www.asfusion.com/apps/homelocator/). Though it's a sample application, I particularly like the concept.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Now "I dhoom "is more user friendly
great luv to c people using it.

Great idea behind great work!


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