Saturday, June 2, 2007

Who will launch navigable Indian street data first?

So finally good "street-mapping" data for India will be available, soon. And this will be one major step forward in the Indian GIS industry.

There are series of emails floating around about a new JV company in Pune. Without naming the company, there are several job postings that are put. list the following description:

"MNC with a leading global position in digital mapping and geospatial content products, launching a Joint Venture cooperation with an Indian GIS company. Key markets will include in-car navigation, portable and wireless navigation and location-based services in India and South Asia. The Indian operations will be part of a global organisation, covering six continents and activities in 64 countries and will be headquartered in Pune with regional centres throughout India."

From the positions that are there, you can easily make out that that the scale of operations will be massive!!!

Welcome TeleAtlas to India again! (My guess and do let me know if you get information otherwise). Two questions:

1. Why will TeleAtlas need to set-up India operations again (remember TA NOIDA operations was sold to Infotech) when they have good(?) Indian vendors?

2. Does TA JV partner has the management bandwidth to handle the scale?

Whatever is the answer( and definitely these are not the questions for public debate), one thing is for sure, Indian GIS companies will be loosing some staff to this JV operation. And managers will find one more reason for asking their management/board to increase the salaries of their staff to retain them!!! War for talent(?) is on and salaried staff never had it so good!!!

But with these rising salaries, will the Indian GIS companies be able to keep their cost low and remain competitive in the International market? Yes, if they are efficiently run and keep on increasing their top line year-on-year in excess of 30%. Keep a track of the growth!!!
Manoj Misra


Aditya said...

Hi Manoj,

Good to hear that we are gonna have GIS as a handy tool out here too, soon :)

No doubt, absence of Standardized Street Naming & Addressing Systems out here (except in very young planned-cities like Greater Noida and likes) is gonna be challenge for the companies working into this ; but I am sure they'll definitely come up with a smart solution for this too !!

FYI, there is a product offering from Pitney Bowes MapInfo called "StreetPro India" - Indian street network database. You may like to explore more about it here :

Thanx again for your informative and very expressive articles !

Aditya Pathak

Anonymous said...

I think its teleatlas with Kalyani Net ventures

Anonymous said...

Deat Manoj,

The JV you are mentioning is in between Kalyani net ventures limited and TELE ATLAS. I was working in that company from last 6 months.

I would like to tell the readers about experience in the company so that nobody dares to go there

1. The company is bull shit and there is no respect to employees
2. The management is taking no responsobility and thus not keeping the satifaction level of the employees up to the level
3. If you think that since the TA is entered in GIS market of india, there will international standards maintained and there will be a salary hoping like IT compnies then my friend its totally wrong
4. Number of employees have resigned from the company since the employees having 6-7 years of experience in KALYANI have been given the increment of 500 - 600 RS..This is a big joke

my suggestion is if anyone from GIS industry whos willing to go in TELE ATLAS KALYANI INDIA LIMITED, please quit his / her idea since the environment is not healthy and there is no quality level in working environment.
The suggestion is only limited to the students who have pursuied the post graduation in remote sensing and gis and not to ordinary cad operators

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