Monday, May 7, 2007

Why did I change my focus to Real Estate?

This post is for friends and past, present & potential business associates!

Many of you questioned my logic of leaving the GIS industry and focusing my energies in the Real Estate industry instead. I did not elaborate much on what will be the exact nature of business AUGTICS will be doing and what is our business model and hence your questions was reasonable and expected. I have received several requests for knowing exact dates of launch of our corporate website and well as the portal. The wait will still continue as we continue to refine both, but we are doing what is most important at this stage - engaging with a lot of potential customers. However, now I will make an attempt to explain our new initiative – in bits and pieces!!

Recently, I made one good friend. He used to be actively dealing in the financial market in past and is currently focusing his energies on several diverse areas. There was a specific discussion on a company’s stock performance and he gave a fantastic analysis. He ended the discussion by saying – “you can take a man out of market but you can not take a market out of man”! How true it’s for someone who has lived with GIS technology for years!! You can take a man out of GIS but can not take GIS out of man!!!

Well now on to the reason to shift focus to Real Estate Industry. The most hackneyed cliché in the real estate business is that the three most important factors in the value of land are Location, Location, and Location. That’s the reason I am focusing on Real Estate!!

Manoj Misra

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Anwar said...

Hi Manoj,
A partly filled glass is either half filled or half empty is depends on one's frame of reference. History has always taught us that the result of the synergy of two things (related or unrelated) is far greater than its sum of parts. Ex: Telephone & Im ages.. You combine abd what you get is a powerful media as Televesion - far greater than telephone alone and images alone. So I expect your step as one of the promising direction. As you have roghtly put in "Location is the King"... Cheers and all the best.

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