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Is the World’s Geospatial development story complete without India?

Recently I visited IIT Roorkee and was very impressed with the quality of research work that is being carried out in the field of Remote Sensing by brilliant research scholars guided by able Professors. While I was giving final touches to my “different view” report on IIT Roorkee visit, a news-paper analysis caught my attention and I am saving my report to blog at a later time!

Google, Yahoo, Intel, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft - the line-up on MNC’s which have opened their own R&D centers in India is a virtual Who’s Who of the IT industry. India is emerging as a hot destination for investment in research and development. An article in Times of India has analysed Mirosoft, Intel, Adobe & IBM India R&D. Here’s the summary:


  • Two research facilities in India – Hyderabad & Bangalore
  • Hyderabad center is the largest development unit outside the US
  • Products by Microsoft India : Data Protection Manager; Virtual PC 2007 ; Office Mobile which includes Word, Excel & Powerpoint ; SQL Mobile


  • Intel’s largest non-manufacturing unit outside US is in Bangalore
  • Products by Intel India: Teraflops research chip; Centrino Duo technology; Quad core processor; Community PC


  • Two centers in India – Noida (biggest outside US) & Bangalore
  • Products by Adobe India: PageMaker 7.0; Acrobat Reader on Palm OS & Pocket PC; Frame Maker, Page Maker Pack, Photoshop Album ; Premiere Elements 3.0


  • Two centers in India – Bangalore & Delhi
  • Products by IBM India: Web-based, interactive language technology; Business finder technology

Can we map a similar pattern in the world's geospatial R&D? Actually, geospatial industry in also following the similar route. MapInfo has recently opened a development center at Noida, within the last two years Bentley has set-up a development center at Pune, Microsoft development center at Bangalore is focusing on GIS, Google center at Hyderabad is doing the same! Intergraph was the first to set-up India center years back (1994?).

But I have few bigger questions:

  • Is India truly seen as a R&D center by World’s geospatial development industry & community?
  • Is the world’s geospatial development story complete without India?

Stay tuned to “Different View” to discuss this. Over the next few weeks I will put my thoughts on India’s research and development potential for World’s Geospatial Industry!

Manoj Misra


Mahesh Selvanathan said...

Hi Manoj:

This is interesting!. Yes, India is truly seen as a R&D center by World’s geospatial development industry & community for the following reasons,

1. There is no short of quality resources to perform world-class R&D here.

2. Over the years, we have grown along on the rapid developement of geosptial development industry, thus we are mature enough to understand the requirements and can make a difference.


Manoj Misra said...


That's a nice perpetive. Stay tuned to hear from me in next posts!


bachi said...

Dear Manoj.

During the recent mapworld conference i had met with Autodesk Guys who were presenting their
new AutoDesk Version Map3D 2007.

They mentioned that most of the AutoDesk WishList Items (come from INDIAN users and
almost 60% of the autodesk development (whether it is within autodesk / Third Party vendors)
does come from INDIAN developers based all around the world.

Also recently read an article , where BILL Gates was worried about the US H1 Visa cap that was preventing US companies from hiring the best Talent from INDIA , and warned that this would effect the Innovations in the Software Industry and these will benefit INDIA and CHINA.

With such an Immense Talent Pool , GIS players are now focussing more on R&D and Development in INDIA. This forward Trend will boost these activities in the INDIAN market.

The positive thing is that the Brain-Drain that was prevelant till recent times will Stop to an Acceptable Limit.

Conclusion :: Without INDIA the GeoSpatial development Story is Incomplete.


Anonymous said...

The news on opening of a R&D center in Noida, India by Mapinfo, answers both of your questions.


Manoj Misra said...

Bhaskar: Good points. Manoj

Manoj Misra said...

Sajid: I guess to a large extent... few issues that are worth discussing - what's the true impact of India - just the cost or truly pioneering new and original development! Manoj

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