Monday, February 19, 2007

Mapping the future !!

It's the biggest news in today's Times Of India - Mapping the future (click on the link to read the news)! It reads, by March-April, websites will be announced which will allow users to access all the 4,800 Survey of India maps where at the click of a mouse geographical and physical data can be superimposed!

This development might be the biggest catalyst in changing the face of Indian GIS industry.

Couple of years back I was at the meeting organized by CSDMS (GIS Development) between Mr Kapil Sibal, Minister of Science and Technology and Industry. The signs were very clear then that big change was about to come!

This event also highlights what Median can achieve - great work GIS Development folks! Keep it up guys!!

Now it's up-to the GIS professional and companies in India to capitalize on this development....

Manoj Misra


Sanjeev said...

Dear Manoj

CONGRATULATIONS on kick starting your venture - AUGTICS Systems and Service Private Limited.

Certainly, the article in TOI gives the hope to Indian GIS industry.

I hope that in future SOI alongwith the GIS players in industry will play a major role in bringing out the large scale digital data available to the general public.



Manoj Misra said...

Thanks Sanjeev.

Data availability will definitely act as a catalyst for big change. But there there are so many other issues to be tackled (I will blog them soon).


bachi said...

Dear Manoj.

GIS will be the KEY in the coming years. A country's development will be judged by its Usage. 3 years back before Google Earth my friends used to send Wedding Cards with Address.. Now they Post a KML to show their Address on the GLobe..


bachi said...

Hi Manoj.

GIS will be the Key to any country's development in the coming Years.

In India the more we use GIS the more we have the potential to called a "True Developed County".

Your article was Ultra Cool.

Cheers.. S.P.Bhasker

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